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Speaker For The January 12, 2019 Meeting

1/12/19 Doors Open at 12:30.

You Must register before 12:00 midnight on 1/11/19 to attend.

Your Missing Link To Success

(How To Impress Investors)

Maxine Pierson is a Successful investor, startup mentor and much, much more. I purposely wanted to bring attention to the word Successful because anybody can be an investor, anybody can create a startup but it takes a person with vision, talent and knowledge to be a success.

Maxine IS that type of person. She knows what she is looking for when she is looking at a proposal. Within a blink of an eye, she can tell if the proposition has value or if the person is trying to elaborate beyond reasonable expectations. On top of that, she is a master of due diligence drawing on a lifetime of impressive achievements which you can see here http://bit.ly/2SkfkHU

When I met her a few years ago, she already had everything in place for a number of startups in the medical marijuana field when the other people I knew interested in the industry were still in the talking stage. They are still talking. She is making money.

Inventors are just people who see things a little differently than your average person. When an average person runs into a problem they look for the simplest way to get past it and get on with their lives. When an inventor runs into that same problem the gears start turning in their head and they start looking for a new ingenious way to solve the problem but just like average people, inventors are individuals, each with their own set of skills as well as deficiencies.

Some may be more artistic while others may be more realistic. Some may be able to sketch an incredible likeness while others will slap together a prototype in no time. Some may find research as exciting as a mystery novel while others would rather have their flesh torn from their bodies with a device made up of dull rusty nails.

However, we all Must have a working knowledge of the entire process and Must do our own preliminary due diligence to determine the value of a project early on. The more knowledge you have, the quicker you can make better decisions and develop stronger strategies towards success.

An obstinate, know-it-all who firmly believes that everyone can see their vision is a true amateur that no professional wants to waste their time on. I have personally experienced top notch professionals who are willing to help a hard working individual with an open mind that is eager to learn. Be the latter, so you can learn how to climb the ladder to your success.

Maxine is going to give you some of the most valuable insights into building your knowledge regarding the business side of a startup/invention. She is going to start her presentation at approximately 1:00 pm. So get to The James A. Rutherford Community Center at Patch Reef Park 2000 West Yamato Road which is a ΒΌ mile west of Military Trail in Boca Raton FL 33431 on 1/12/19 when the Door Open at 12:30.

You Must register before 12:00 midnight on 1/11/19 to attend.

This event is hosted by the Inventors Society of South Florida. For more information go to our website www.inventors-society.net or call 561-676-5677.

If for some reason you register and can't make it please text me at 561-676-5677 so I can release your spot to someone on the waiting list.

  • When: Sat Jan. 12
    1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

  • Address: Patch Reef Park
    Boca Raton FL,US 33431

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